Production Equipment and Process

KUSATSU ELECTRIC (THAILAND) utilizes the knowledge and technology cultivated by the Kusatsu Electric Group to perform integrated production from motor core punching to motor completion.

factory site

Factory site information

Site area

Factory floor area


production machinery

Owned Equipment

Production department Equipment/Line

High speed press machine AIDA 300t 3
Transfer press lineA(Single press connection-line) AIDA( 80t,110t:total 9 units) 1
Transfer press lineB(Single press connection-line) AIDA(110t,150t:total 8 units) 1
Aluminum die casting machine KDK 350t 2
Shaft press-fitting machine(RTA、MTA) In-house made 5
Rotor beveling machine In-house made 5
Slot insulation paper inserter In-house made 7
Winding machine In-house made 16
Coil insertion machine INDUSTRA :P-35BE 7
YASKAWA_Robot winding line Integrated production line 1
KUSATSU Gr_Winding system-line Integrated production line 1
Coil forming machine In-house made 4
Lacing machine CSC :940A 4
Varnish dryer NIHON FLUX :DIM-540 2
RTA-Press Fitting Machine In-house made 4
Bracket press-fitting machine In-house made 4
Riveting machine In-house made 3
Balance measuring instrument SHIMAZU HGB-10N Ⅱ 1
Coil testing machine HODAKA :HST-304R 6
Motor testing machine HODAKA :HMP-300/HWT-303A 3

Engineer-owned Equipment

Torque measuring instrument SUGAWARA 5,20,50,100Kg 3
3D-CAD system SOLID EDGE 2023 1
Noise measuring device RUON :NL-21 1

QC-owned Measuring Instruments

Roundness meter MITUTOYO  RA-2200 1
Electrical property testing machine AIP 9961-10GAMR 1
Three point micrometer、Cylinder gauge、Height gauge、other   _
production process

Production process

High Speed Press

Transfer Press

Aluminum Die Casting

Rotor Assembly

Winding Process

Finishing of Stator

Varnishing Process

Motor Assembly