世界を 駆動する

DRIVING the World

The Kusatsu Electric Group supports the world with custom-made small motors and pumps.



Turn Ideas into Reality with Customized Motors

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Since its founding in 1948, the Kusatsu Electric Group has supported people’s lives and a wide range of industries as a specialized manufacturer that provides integrated production of small motors, from product development to manufacturing. We have produced a number of high-performance and original products in response to the high technical needs of the drive systems in all types of equipment.

Our company was established in 1997 as a new production base in response to an increase in orders from Southeast Asia.

We produce a variety of motors for both household and industrial use and supply them domestically and internationally.

By sharing the strengths of our group companies (6 in Japan and 3 overseas), we are able to achieve high quality and achieve low costs by building efficient production lines.

We will continue to cherish our founding spirit, never forgetting to take on challenges, promote further technological development, and work together with our employees to become a company that can contribute to society, including environmental initiatives.


Management Philosophy

Aiming to be a global company that is useful to mankind, we will improve our technology and human power, work to protect the environment, and contribute to the progress and development of society.

Motor Customize

We will solve the problems of our customers and respond to their requests.

Kusatsu Electric provides you not only customized motors , but also a combination of optimal parts and control solution to meet customer needs.


I don't know
what kind of motor I need


It is difficult to design
the motor and its surroundings


Can't find a motor
that matches your plan or application

"SDGs Declaration” of Kusatsu Electric Group

  1. We always strive for creativity and ingenuity, and conduct continuous quality improvement activities and environmentally friendly corporate activities.
  2. We strive to develop a society that is easy to live in by providing safe and secure products that satisfy our customers, reducing environmental impact, and preserving the environment.
  3. We aim to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advocated by the United Nations, and to simultaneously resolve local social issues and achieve economic growth.

Initiatives as a Manufacturing Company

Through our corporate activities, we provide a place for employees to learn, promote decent work, and create an environment where employees can work with a sense of fulfillment and purpose, achieving gender equality and work-life balance.

Initiatives to Develop Human Resources and Provide Rewarding and Humane Employment

As a manufacturing company, we understand the needs of our customers and provide high quality products and services to realize sustainable consumption patterns, while also realizing production activities that are friendly to limited resources and the environment.
To this end, we will work to build the necessary infrastructure and promote innovation.

Partnership and Community Engagement Initiatives

We contribute to ensuring that all people live healthy, cultured lives and live in safe communities.
In addition to our commitment on the SDGs, we will also collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, including various organizations, local governments, governments, and experts, transcending industry and national boundaries.